Blue Ridge Mountain Club POA


Accessing the Community
  • What are the staffed gate hours?
    The North Gate is currently staffed during the following hours:
    • Monday         
    • Tuesday          
    • Wednesday   
    • Thursday       
    • Friday           
    • Saturday       
    • Sunday         

Architectural Review (ARB)
  • Do you need approval to build your home or make changes to the home?
    No Improvements, including, without limitation, Homes, Units, accessory structures, exterior lighting fixtures, brick pavers, stamped concrete, concrete flatwork, buildings, fences, walls, exterior lighting, pools, roofs, gutters or rain spouts, antennae, aerials, microwaves, reception devices, mailboxes, external enclosures (including entry screen and patio screen enclosures), or landscaping (including hedges and massed plantings) shall be commenced, erected, installed, altered, modified, painted, planted or maintained on the Committed Property, nor shall any canopy, shutters or window coverings be attached to or placed upon outside walls or roofs of any Home or Unit or other building by any Owner other than Declarant, unless such Improvements have been reviewed by and received the written approval of the ARB.
  • How long does it take to receive approval to build a home?
    After all documents, fees and deposits have been received, the time may vary anywhere from 14-28 days. This is dependent on the ARB requiring additional information.
  • Who do I contact to get information for an ARB issue?

    You can contact our Compliance Coordinator, Karen Marich at

Dues & Payment Information
  • Can I make a payment online and how do I do that?
    Yes! Once you log into the owners portal, click on “Make a Payment” on the left menu or click the “Payments” button on the bottom of the page.


    • Enroll in Auto-Draft: This option will take you to an online form to set up Automatic Drafts for your Association’s dues payments.
    • One-Time eCheck: This option allows you to make a one-time payment from your checking account with no additional fee.
    • Recurring eCheck: This option allows you to set up a recurring e-check from your checking account.
    • Credit Card: This option allows you to make a payment with your credit card. This payment service is through a third-party, so their 3.25% fee is added to the amount due (as noted during the setup process).
  • How do I view my account balance?
    If you would like to view your POA account balance. You may log in to your account on and click on ‘My Account’. A balance will only show when something is owed. There are also multiple ways for you to pay your dues on the website which you can do by selecting the ‘Payments’ button on the bottom of the ‘My Account’ screen. For account billing or balance questions, please contact CAMS Accounts Receivable at
  • How much are quarterly dues in 2020 and how often do they go up?
    Quarterly dues went up 3% from $957 per quarter in 2019 to $986 per quarter in 2020. Planned increases have been discussed at previous Annual Meetings and are explained in the BRMC POA CC&R’s.  The full CC&R’s can be found on this community website under 'Owner Resources' tab then select 'Documents'. If you pay your dues through your online banking, it is important to go in to your bank's website and update your bill pay amount. If you are signed up on ACH on the POA’s website, the increase will be automatically changed for you.
  • I have a question about my account or billing. How do I contact the management company?
    Log into your owner portal by clicking on the Login link in the top right corner of this site. Click Submit a Request from the left menu and select "Billing Question." You can select "General Question" if you need information about your association but not specifically about your owner account. You may also call 877.672.2267. 
  • I want to make a payment by check or my bank's bill pay service. Where do I send these payments?
    Please mail any payments to:
    Blue Ridge Mountain Club POA     or if condo's Peak's at Watson's Gap COA
    c/o CAMS
    PO Box 97548
    Raleigh, NC 27624
  • I'm signed up for Auto-Draft. When will my payment reflect on my account?
    Auto-Draft or ACH payments will draft from your bank account on the 10th of the month of your billing cycle and will reflect on your owner account immediately. 
  • Utility Charges Explained.
    The water/sewer standby fee was increased to $60 per month in 2019. Owners with a meter will also pay $15 per 1,000 gallons of water used billed per gallon. This went into effect for 2019 billings. Each invoice states in the comments section which billing cycle the invoice is for. As discussed at the Annual Meeting, the increase for the 2019 water rates is to get the utilities to not have a negative cash flow and the increase will not be generating a profit. Pages 13 and 14 of the Annual Meeting Presentation, located in the owners portal documents section, explain why the monthly utility amount was increased.
    Example bill: If you used 1,200 gallons of water in the month your bill would be $78.00. This would be comprised of the $60 standby fee and $18 in usage (1,200 gallons x $.015 = $18).
  • What do my dues cover?

    Dues cover expenses associated with operating and maintaining the common areas and common area amenities within Blue Ridge Mountain Club.  These are things such as the trails, streams, roads, the Watson Gap Pavilion area, community signage, landscaping, and snow removal, along with many other financial aspects to make sure that the sustainability of the community is long standing and successful. The association dues do not cover trash removal and snow removal from owner’s residences.  This must be carried out at the owner’s expense.


    Association fees are invoiced quarterly.  Fiscal year is January 1 through December 31.   Fees are due upon receipt. The POA collection policy is available for your reference at

  • When are late fees applied to my account?
    Late fees are applied to your account 30 days from the time something was billed. 2019 Q1 dues were billed on January 1. If payment was not received by CAMS on January 30, late fees and interest were applied and are then applied monthly until they are received. We understand oversights occur, if you have gotten caught up and would like them waived as a courtesy, please contact the Community Manager. 

Fire Safety: What can I do?
  • What is a knox box and how do I get one?
    To allow fire personnel to enter your home without causing damage, a Homeowner can purchase a “Lock Box” that is called a KnoxBox and have it affixed to your home and that hides a key to your house. Once the key/code is in the box and locked up, only your Primary Fire Personnel can open it up; the homeowner can not open the KnoxBox.

    The recommended Lock Box is a KnoxBox 1650 series that comes in various colors and mounting methods, but there are others to choose as well. For SSFD fire personnel to open the box, you’ll need to know that the SSFD KnoxBox Department System Code is PS-34-0522-04-15. The SSFD is already set up with KnoxBox so there is no additional authorization needed. For the other two Fire Districts you’ll have to first contact your Primary FD (Contact Information below) for their Registration Code and to discuss use of a Lock Box in general (since they may have their own procedures).

    If you want to acquire your own Lock Box, simply go to the Knox Website (, order the box and mount it in a visible location near your primary entrance. There is no discount for buying in a group. The SSFD Fire Chief recommends that homeowners individually purchase their own KnoxBox.
    Before mounting your device, you should contact your primary Fire Department for the next step. For SSFD, call Doug Berry, the SSFD Fire Chief, who will come to your house (a) to record the location of your Lock Box, (b) to lock it up and (c) to “test” it (Remember: only your primary FD has the key for your KnoxBox). Doug also wants to meet individual Homeowners and to discuss any special features of the house that would be useful to Fire Personnel coming out to your home.
    Stewart Simmons VFD
    To contact Doug, you can call the station and leave a message (828-264-1112) or E-Mail:

    Ferguson VFD
    For Ferguson, there are several numbers to choose: The Station down by Triplett and Elk Creek Darby Rd is Station #2 and the number is 336-973-4152 (Main number is: 336-973-7132).

    Blowing Rock VFD
    For Blowing Rock, the closest Station (#3) is the one on Aho Rd just off the Blue Ridge Parkway. The number is 828-548-2803. The Blowing Rock Fire Chief is Kent Graham and the main Blowing Rock FD number is 828-295-9543 or 828-548-2800. The Fire Chief’s E-Mail is:

Governing Document Information
  • What are Bylaws?
    The Declaration forms the constitutional foundation of the association; Bylaws define the laws and operating procedures of the association. Bylaws detail the framework for governing the association that is authorized in the Declaration. They address the association's structure, the board, the officers, definition of a quorum, ability to enter into contracts, etc. Bylaws provide reliable guidance for board members at meetings in addition to:
    • Requirements of membership meetings
    • Voting rights of property owners
    • Procedures for electing the board of directors
    • Procedures for the board of directors to elect officers
    • General powers and duties of the board
    You can find copies of your Association's By-Laws in the Governing Documents folder on the Documents page.
  • What are Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions?
    The underlying document of a property owners association, apart from state law, is the Declaration, also referred to as Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&Rs). The Declaration is the constitutional law of the association. The Declaration defines the limits and inclusions of ownership for the owners and the association. As a legal entity the association is better prepared to pursue certain business needs, such as entering contracts, raising funds, filing liens, and collecting fees in a foreclosure. 
    The Declaration may contain:
    • Definitions of the physical elements of the property
    • The method for determining the share of interest in the common area for each property owner
    • A list of the responsibilities for the association and individual owners and permitted uses of common areas and individual units
    • Responsibilities for care of the association and the common areas
    • Restrictions on the use or enjoyment of properties in the association and common areas
    You can find copies of your Association's CC&R's in the Governing Documents folder on the Documents page.
  • What are Rules & Regulations?
    Rules and regulations are the operational and behavioral laws that apply directly to association residents and their guest. They state acceptable and/or unacceptable conduct for all Owners, their guests, visitors and renters. Rules and regulations may generate conflict between the board and the owner(s) since they may provide restrictions regarding noise, pets, use of the property or common areas, and fining procedures, however, good rules serve the interests of the entire association and protect the common areas.

    You can find copies of your Association's Articles of Incorporation in the Governing Documents folder on the Documents page.
  • What are the Articles of Incorporation?
    • Bring the corporation into existence
    • Define the basic purpose and powers of the corporation
    • Indicate there will be a board of directors and may, identify the initial board
    You can find copies of your Association's Articles of Incorporation in the Governing Documents folder on the Documents page.
  • What are the Governing Documents of an Association?
    Property owners associations derive their basic legal authority for their existence, activities, and actions from state statutes (laws) and certain legal documents:
    • Articles of Incorporation
    • Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions
    • By-Laws
    • Rules & Regulations
    You can find copies of your Association's Governing Documents on the Documents page. 

Hospitality Information
  • How do I make reservations for the Lookout Grill & Jasper House? (New)
    Reservations can be made for the Lookout Grill and Jasper House by either emailing; please include name, party size, and request dinning time.  Or you may call the Lookout Grill at (828) 355.1257 to make reservations.
  • Do I need to wear a mask to dine at the Lookout Grill & Jasper House? (New)
    Yes.  For the safety of our staff, members and guests, we ask that you respectfully follow the guidelines at the Lookout Grill as provided by staff. This includes wearing a mask when you are mobile inside the Jasper House and Lookout Grill, ONLY when being seated at your table or making your way to the restroom. Masks do not have to be worn at the table or outdoors. While we understand that some prefer to not wear masks by choice, we are attempting to create a dining experience where staff, members and guests feel comfortable and safe and therefore will continue to ask that all members and guests follow the guidelines.  Information on the Grill operations may be found on the documents tab of the POA website, then select ‘Phase 2 Lookout Grill & Jasper House Announcement'.
  • What are the current Phase 2 Guidelines for the Lookout Grill & Jasper House? (New)
    Currently, dinning party sizes are limited to 6 people, with limited number of seating’s per hour.  Outdoor seating is available, with tables that have been positioned with 8 feet of separation between each table set up.  Information on the Grill operations may be found on the ‘Documents’ tab of the POA website, then select ‘Phase 2 Lookout Grill & Jasper House Announcement’.
  • What is Clubster?
    To stay connected with the community, Blue Ridge Mountain Club POA has its own private social communication app provided by Clubster.  Clubster is a free and private app to keep up with the latest news, activities, and events.  You can also send private messages, create your own groups, and more to stay connected within BRMC. In Clubster you may access calendars, menus, event details, and RSVP for events. 
  • How do I access Clubster?
    Contact either the Assistant Community Manager or the Recreation and Programs Manager, by selecting the Owner Resources tab at the top of the page and clicking Contact Us to submit a request.  

New Owners
  • How do I access the owners portal?

    To access the Community Website, review the following instructions:

    • Log on to
    • Click on “SIGN IN” in the upper right corner of the screen
    • As a first time user, select "CREATE AN ACCOUNT"
    • The required security key was sent to you in your Welcome Letter. If you need assistance logging in or if you misplaced your security key, please call CAMS at 877.672.2267. 

Online Owner Portal Information
  • Home Owner Portal Sections Explained
    You will log into the “Owners Portal” which gives you an overview of your upcoming Assessments or if there are any Open Issues. 
    • Dashboard: This menu takes you back to the original screen.
    • My Account: This menu will show you your payment history
    • My Items: This menu will show you the status of any inquiries or service requests you have
    • made through the “Other Request” menu (see below).
    • My Contact Info: This menu will allow you to verify your contact information as well as indicate how you would like our office to communicate with you (i.e. via E-Mail, text, paper, or (future) app notification). Any changes made in the portal will now change the software system automatically.
    • My Login: This menu allows you to change your password to the homeowner portal.
    • Submit A Request: This menu gives you ways to communicate with us electronically. Options include Billing Question, General Question, Link to Another Property (if you have more than one property CAMS manages, you can link them to one login through this request), and Service/Maintenance Request. These requests will be routed to the appropriate person to assist.
    • Directory: This menu will give you a directory of your association’s Directors and Committee Members.
    • Documents: This menu is where you will find your community’s governing documents, including Rules and Regulations, financials, and Welcome Packet.
  • How do I access the monthly financials?
    All monthly financials are also view able on the community website in the owner portal. After logging in, click on ‘Documents’ on the left-hand side of the screen. In the center of the screen then click on ‘Financials’ and navigate to the set of financials you wish to view.
  • I own multiple properties ane and manage both of my accounts in my Owner Portal?d/or I am a member of a Community Association that has a Master Association. How do I se
    Log into your owner portal by clicking on the Login link in the top right corner of this site. Click Submit a Request from the left menu and select "General Question" from the dropdown. Please provide the details of the accounts you would like to link, and let us know what your mailing address is, if it is not already the same on all accounts.
  • What can I do in the owners portal?

    The Blue Ridge Mountain Club Community website is available to every owner who owns a home or home site within Blue Ridge Mountain Club. 


    Through the Community Website, owners may:

    • Get real-time account information specific to your individual account
    • Make on-line payments using either E-check or Credit Card
    • Communicate via email with the Manager of the Association
    • View Board and committee meeting agendas and minutes
    • View financial statements of the Association
    • View Association documents (Bylaws, Rules & Regulations, etc.)
    • Opt into the online directory

Real Estate Agents & Closing Attorneys
  • I am a closing attorney and need payoff information.
    Attorney needs to fill out the attorney closing packet. Once they do that and CAMS (the management company) receives it, a block payments hold will be placed on the account until they receive the closing documents. Once they receive closing documents, the new owners will be placed on the account. the URL is,
  • What is the cost for a Certificate of Assessment?
    The standard cost of a Certificate of Assessment is $175. There is a $50 rush fee for same day or next day requests.

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