Blue Ridge Mountain Club POA


"The NC High Country is home to many wild trout populations but with only a small amount of protected land in the area, most are at risk of declines from improper and increased land use. Furthermore, despite the widespread occurrence of trout, relatively few streams support standalone populations of the South’s only native species –  the Brook Trout. Luckily, there are a few locations like Blue Ridge Mountain Club where native Brook trout currently reside and are expected to thrive for years to come. Both Dugger Creek and South Fork Laurel Creek have pristine habitat normally only seen in state and federal forests and parks, and the effects of such high quality watersheds are manifested in their Brook Trout populations which are numerically robust and genetically pure. To have these watersheds held in conservation has dramatic benefits locally such as with the trout but also has impacts on downstream communities that obtain their drinking water from and recreate in the Yadkin River, to which Dugger and Laurel creeks flow."
-Thomas Johnson
 NC Wildlife Resources Commisson 

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