Blue Ridge Mountain Club POA


A mountain community as impressive as the High Country. This is living on a grand scale, where Mother Nature's handiwork has been masterfully interwoven with rustic comfort, refined amenities, and a true sense of community. Foundational to it all lies the great outdoors, whose majestic ridgelines and towering hardwoods serve as an ever-present inspiration to all who call Blue Ridge Mountain Club (BRMC) home. From the moment you drive through our front gate, you are greeted by some of the most stunning views in Western North Carolina. Mile after mile of ancient rolling mountains in every direction. The possibilities for adventure, recreation, and relaxation are as wide open as the vistas, and as plentiful as the towering hardwoods. This is a place for families to explore all the wonders the High Country bestows—in a community equally impressive.

You belong here

Blue Ridge Mountain Club is a private mountain community established and bolstered by hundreds of owners who answered the gentle beckoning of the mountain. When you buy a home at BRMC you're buying much more than a mountain house on a pretty piece of land. You’re buying unparalleled vistas, four-season outdoor living, and a community that is knit together by a common bond: a genuine love for the High Country.

BRMC North Gate - Main Entrance

BRMC South Gate