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Updates Around the Community
Posted on Apr 17th, 2019

Good Afternoon BRMC Owners,

Please see updates below on various items in the community.

Watson Gap Pavilion:

  • The Watson Gap Pavilion bathrooms have been opened for the season. The code to access the bathrooms is 2008 and then you press the "SCHLAGE" button. You will then be able to manually unlock the door. We ask that you keep the bathrooms locked upon leaving. You may lock them by repeating the same process. The kitchen area and water fountains have also been opened for the season.
  • Across the street, the parking at the top of the Dugger Creek Trailhead has been extended to allow for additional parking at Watson Gap.
  • All of the furniture has been placed out.
  • The hex-a-deck is scheduled to come up later this month and be replaced with sod.

Trail System Projects:

  • The Middle Laurel Creek project work recently began and some complications were encountered onsite that will take time to evaluate. The funds approved for this project have been re-directed to taking the Nickajack from its current location coming onto Reynolds Parkway just below the condos to going along beside Reynolds Parkway, crossing over the beginning of Dugger Creek Trail, and then coming up across the street from the current Nickajack parking lot. This will enable people using the Nickajack to not have to travel on Reynolds Parkway except for the two areas it crosses and make it a true loop trail. Work on the Nickajack began this week.
  • Last fall, high waters in Laurel Creek buried several large rocks that had been placed there for crossings and the flow of the creek relocated itself. With this in mind, funds budgeted to add rock crossings to the many Dugger Creek crossings have been re-directed to a couple areas:
    • Creating a loop trail that comes off of Dugger Creek Overlook and goes down to the base of Dugger Creek Falls.
    • Converting existing logging road between the North Face Trail to Upper Laurel Creek into a new Laurel Connector Trail that will also create a loop trail.
  • The West Ridge, the Lower Dugger Creek Connector, the Meadows Trail will all either be motor graded or have repairs made to the trail soon. Horton Creek Trail and the road up to Dugger Overlook have already been repaired for the season.

Dugger Overlook:
• The old picnic tables were damaged over the winter and new picnic tables will be placed at the Overlook this week.

Watson Gap Village:

  • The amenity buildings along with the condo buildings will have their annual Life Safety Inspections next Tuesday April 23 and Wednesday April 24. This is required by the State and is conducted by a third party, Century Fire Protection, that is certified by the State. There will be brief periods where the horns/strobes will be tested on these days during business hours and you may hear them sound. Please disregard any alarms you hear during business hours on these days. The buildings will be on fire watch during the test. The inspections are being done around classes in the Fitness Center. If you are a condo owner you have received a separate email with additional information.
  • All of the furniture has been placed out.
  • A new picnic table has been placed on the short trail that connects the new Great Lawn down to the Nickajack.
  • The Nickajack over by the old construction trailer is open but has had a lot of construction traffic on it during the day.


Chris Wetmore
Community Manager

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