Blue Ridge Mountain Club POA

Watson Gap Pavilion & Pickleball Courts

Bask in the high altitude clearing and pavilion area located on Reynolds Parkway. Enjoy playing pickleball, horse shoe, or bocce with friends and family along with the walking/hiking trails, picnic pavilion, and a fire ring for bringing warmth and marshmallow roasting to the life of any event. Pavilion reservations can be made for private parties by contacting our Recreation Programs Manager, by selecting Owner Resources tab at the top of the page and clicking POA Team and selecting Recreation Programs Manager.

BRMC Food Trailer at Watson Gap Park & Pavilion
Mondays 4:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.
Wednesdays - Fridays 4:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.
Saturdays - Sundays 12:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.
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Pickleball at Blue Ridge Mountain Club!
General Guidelines
Pickleball Facility Guidelines
The BRMC Pickleball Courts will be operated on a drop-in/open play system. Currently, there will not be any reservations for the courts. There will be paddle holders located on the fence beside each court. If you would like to play next on the court, place your paddle in the paddle holder. Once the current game has ended, there are three options:
1) If the challenging pair wishes to stay together as a team, they will play against the team that won the previous game.
2) Alternatively, the winning team will split, and the challengers will split to match up with the original players.
3) All four players on the court switch out and four new players replace them.
With any option, winners should vacate the court after they have completed two games. This arrangement will prevent one team from continuously occupying the facilities. Please communicate with all players to decide which option is best. For example, if there are long waiting lines, it is best to use the 3rd option.
BRMC POA will provide rental paddles for anyone who does not have them. They will be located next to the courts. We ask that you sanitize paddles both before and after use. We will also provide pickleballs for use, and we ask that these be sanitized before and after play as well.
This will be a soft opening of the courts. The bocce courts and horseshoe pits will be completed in the coming weeks, and then we hope to have a grand opening. One restroom at the pavilion will now be available for use.
If you are looking for a group to play with, you can post on the Pickleball Club page on Clubster to find other players. If you have any questions about pickleball please contact or call (828)355-1210. Looking forward to seeing everyone out at the courts!
Court Rules
Pickleball Court Etiquette
  • Non marking athletic shoes only.
  • No pets on the courts at any time.
  • No food or glass containers allowed inside the court area.
  • Please remove all trash prior to leaving the court area.
  • No chalk or paint on the courts.
  • Any BRMC equipment must be properly returned to storage after use.
  • The court is for pickleball and basketball only; No skateboards - rollerblades - roller skates - bicycles, etc.
  • Do not walk on or behind courts while play is in progress.    
  • Before playing, check the court for wetness and dampness. Use the foam roller to remove any water from court surfaces before playing.

BRMC North Gate - Main Entrance

BRMC South Gate